Always with the 5 Ws & H!

I’m glad you’re back!!

This week, the lecture focused on the elements of a successful media release. I have been told time and time again about the five Ws and H, (who, what, when, where, why and how) and it’s becoming tedious to be completely honest. But I can understand why it has to be done- some people aren’t quite competent enough to understand it straight away so they need constant reminding.

I have also learnt this week that Tony likes to begin his lectures with a short video clip, and I wasn’t entirely aware of their significance or relevance to the lecture content. But I have discovered that the power of YouTube in my generation’s demographic is becoming increasingly popular and is currently an effective tool to promote viral information if it can be picked up. In Tony’s instance, it is important to engage his audience right from the word ‘go’ so the effectiveness of this, I find, is substantial.

There have been readings posted to blackboard this week- or should I say Yubranium Reactors- and they relate to the content that should be found in media releases.

Last week, I also set up a Pinterest account. You can follow me on Pinterest by searching me: Annabelle Amos and you can follow me on Twitter: @annabelleamos.

When I get off this iPhone and onto a computer, I can link you the links to my page, but for now, that will have to do!

Bye for now,


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