Robert Mukombozi


Today, we had the absolute privilege of meeting Rwandan journalist Robert Mukombozi who shared his terrifying and confronting experiences with us today. There was so much I learnt from this inspirational man in such a short time, but the point I would mostly like to make, is how honest reporting may not always get you in the good books with people, but it definitely is ethical and echoes the truth. If there’s anything that I want to accomplish in my career as a journalist/ PR person, it’s that people can TRUST what I say. That’s where Mr Mukombozi is insightful in that he risked his life to report the truth to people, and there aren’t many people out there that can say that!

My favorite quote that I took out of today’s media conference is that “Journalism isn’t about speaking- it’s about action” and truer words have never been spoken. A story isn’t going to be reported properly and ethically if it is written from the security of a computer screen. Action needs to be taken- get out and speak to people about the real things that are happening. Mr Mukonmbozi wanted to tell the truth behind the Ugandan genocide, so he was asking difficult questions that the government couldn’t answer, and it wasn’t until he found his name on a execution list that Mr Mukombozi decided to seek asylum in Australia.

Mr Mukombozi mentioned that he had been arrested over 15 times in Africa, which reflects his dedication to his work and his go-get-em attitude that all journalists and PR people should aspire to holding.

I’ve pinned a picture of Robert Mukombozi onto my Pinterest Board “somewhat topical and newsworthy”. You can find the link here 

-Annabelle Amos


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