Becoming a PERSUADER… Cats vs Dogs, the Australian Flag, and other controversial things.


This week, we looked at what it takes to become a persuasive speaker. In my lifetime, I’ve given quite a few speeches, more specifically, I remember speaking in a public domain for the first time in primary school for my debating team. I was champing at the bit to get up in front of everyone and argue my point about Australia’s flag and how we should keep it. I knew I was right – we won the debate!

Ever since this first experience of public speaking, for me, I love getting up in front of an audience and talking about something. The only issue I have with public speaking is that I have to know what my topic is and know absolutely EVERYTHING about it if I’m going to argue a certain point.


This persuasive speech that I have to give in two week’s time can be about absolutely anything – and just to be interesting, I’m not going to persuade people to save water (although I’m sure that’s what Tony Preece would like – if his lecture today is anything to go by). And I’m not going to persuade anyone to give me money for a charity. I have been thinking about what I want to persuade about and according to the readings from the YuBranium Enrichment Plant, I need to KNOW MY AUDIENCE. And here’s one thing I know about my audience: they’re uni students who would rather be anywhere but where they are right now.

SO, while I have decided on a topic to speak about, I won’t give away just yet what I will be speaking about so as to keep everyone in suspense. But I’ll give you a clue: it relates to the film “Cats vs Dogs”.

Drop a comment in the comments box if you think you know what I’ll be talking about, or hit me up on twitter: @annabelleamos




Thanks for reading,

– Annabelle.


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