The Perfect ‘Twesume’ – thanks Luke Royes from ABC Online


I’ve been a bit slack this week, I’ve had other work to do and am only getting to my blog today. Terribly sorry!

Yesterday, we had another media conference with Luke Royes from ABC Online as our special guest. What I particularly took away from this lecture is how social media is so avidly used to produce news stories. And I’m not just talking about your print journalism like the Courier Mail. I’m talking about journalism in general – online, TV, and radio. All platforms utilize social media to source their stories. Not only did we get a good heads up on the future of journalism, but we also were given a briefing on how to write a ‘Tweseme’ or, a Twitter-Resume which is where in that short 160 character bio. you write about yourself.

Luke Royes has an interesting bio. for his Twesume


Mr Royes has a Twitter account ( and he hashtagged COMU1152 some interesting and helpful websites that tell you how to sell yourself online. My particular favorite highlights how to make the best Tweseme. <— click the link!

This week was also the final week of our persuasive speeches. I heard some interesting ones this week, ranging from ‘how teenagers and toddlers are the same’ to ‘do not smoke weed’ and I found them all very interesting and very relevant to our age group and demographic. It was obvious that all the students were choosing their topics to suit a female audience because things like ‘don’t kill horses’ and ‘the beach is better than the city’ are very female orientated topics – which makes sense, seeing as our class is entirely made up of girls.

I think that’s it to talk about for the week. Don’t forget to add me on Twitter (@annabelleamos) and on Pinterest!


– Annabelle.


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