Fun Facts – Are you living in a disadvantaged state?

This week I was away (sadly) because of prior work commitments, so I contacted my tutor Nat in regards to assigning me a group because I know that this week was one of the most important weeks in terms of assignment group work and as a result, I feel somewhat behind. But, that’s not holding me back from writing a blog for the week!

I thought I would take the opportunity this week to write about technical data, and more specifically, the Census data collated from Queenslanders which can be found on the ABS Census homepage. Interestingly, quick stats tells us that the population of Queensland has increased by approximately 11% since the 2006 Census.

A piece of information I found interesting – but not so much relevant – was the fact that there is an average number of 3.2 bedrooms in each Queensland dwelling.

Table showing average number of bedrooms in the Queenslander’s home.

Something I found interesting, was that Queenslanders’ income is 1% less than the rest of Australia, with a staggering 22.8% of people making a gross income of less than $600 a week, and only 10.2% making more than $3000 a week. What surprises me about his data is how little money most of Australia makes in order to survive and support themselves or a family. A reason for most of Australia making such a low income – particularly people making less than $600 a week – is that a lot of people may be paid in cash, some people are university students who don’t have a full-time paying job and only make enough money to get by. Some of these people may also be apprentices who are starting out, first year graduates, and people who live entirely off government packages. People in Indigenous communities are frequently given food vouchers to pay for their groceries and other necessities, rather than being paid money. It is interesting though, when the average weekly rent is $300 in Queensland, but the rest of Australia pay an average of $285. Does this mean Queensland is the expensive state to live in?

Another interesting observation I’ve made by looking at the Queensland data is that there are more people who rent their homes than people who outright own a home (513, 413 (33.2%) and 448, 615 (29%) respectively) and there are 533, 870 people who own a home with a mortgage.

All of this data is quite newsworthy, and I think it would be worth investigating further how people who make as little as $600 a week (or less) manage to pay rent with an average of $300 per week, leaving them with less than 50% of their weekly wage to support themselves and whatever family they have.

If you want to see where I got all this information from, visit the Census page for more information, and maybe you can compare it to other states. Let me know if you think Queenslanders are disadvantaged in comparison to other states, and I might write an article about it.


–          Annabelle


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