Keepin’ it Real with Street Art and Visual Literacy

A week comes around so damn quickly, but I like writing to you all, it gives me a sense of belonging in cyberspace. I logged on today and found that my viewership has reached Italy and New Zealand – THANKS SO MUCH YOU GUYS!!

In other news, Dr Peter Milne dropped in today to give us a bit of an idea of how important visual communication is for PR and what it may take for you to get your message across in terms of visual aid. Basically, he talked about the Mona Lisa, some guy that spray paints walls with stencils (Banksy), and the revolutionary iPod – all with some sort of relation to visual communication. The point he was trying to make, I think, was that in order for something to be considered successful, the image that is related to it must be memorable and aesthetically pleasing.

This is some of Banksy’s work. It is quite an impacting image, connoting that war and America go hand in hand.

What did I get out of it? Good question – I’m glad you asked. I didn’t necessarily learn anything new, BUT, it was good to have a refresher on the principles of visual communication and how it may apply to PR. It has been helpful particularly with the visual media kit just around the corner.

I feel as though there isn’t much more to say on this week’s topic. Look out for the blog during the week about my group assignment – it’s about aliens……. But that’s another story.

Until then, check out my Pinterest!




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