Presentation Planning & I hate goodbyes – so, see ya!

So this is it for now my friends. I am writing a final note to tell you how much I’ve enjoyed writing to you all on a weekly basis. I may return for my own personal gain though. The last thing I wanted to talk about in my blog this week was the presentation that we’re required to do next week.

We have decided to create an atmosphere where the students are aliens and they’re on a space flight to earth. Our primary goal is to promote planet earth to them by showing them the earth food they can eat, attractions and theme parks, beaches, forests, animals, and anything else that encompasses planet earth. Next week, I’ll give you all an update on how we went as a group. You might be hearing from Red Air Adventures soon – that’s the name of our company in the presentation! In terms of planning the presentation, we’re at a really good point at the moment. We’ve delegated tasks and created a mini Facebook group to communicate with one another. My job is to write the script and design a logo, as well as helping out with creating the video. It’ll definitely be a spectacle!

Finally, as a side note, this project has been so much fun, along with everything else we’ve done this semester. I’ve provided a link to my Pinterest site, so you can check out all our cool space ideas there.

Sadly, it is time for me to go. As assessment looms, I wish you all the very best. You’ll know when I’m back again – I’ll post my regular Facebook update to make sure you know what’s happening in this space.

Until then, CHOW AMIGOS.

I’m going to leave you with this emotional video that I think may make you cry in my absence. “Time to say goodbye – Ill Divo Version” (for those of you who like depth and English).

– Annabelle x.

Ps, here’s my Pinterest link. If you haven’t checked it out by now, you’re a bad friend!!


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