I’m baaack!

For those of you who are willing to stick with me, I’m going to continue my weekly musings. I like the thought provoking aspect of blogging, so I thought I would kick things off with a blog about blogging, i.e. Tumblr vs Blogger vs WordPress. Hopefully this will help out all those nomads out there trying to start a blog, but can’t quite figure out which platform to use.

Firstly, I’ll start with WordPress, the platform I use. Really, the reason I use WordPress is because it’s the easiest. It’s really good for creating links, adding pictures, and embedding videos. You can also choose to pay $18 a year to own your domain name (i.e. annabelleamos.com). It’s also an easy way to create archives and visually, you’re able to see each of the posts chronologically. It has a very diary-like feeling to it. I’ve included a few examples of interesting and funny blogs by people who use Wordpress below:

1. The Unorthodox Epicure: A blog about food – need I say more?
2. Find Fabulous: This blogger writes a list of things to do by the time you’re 30. Does this sound like you?
3. Gnostic Bent: There aren’t too many male bloggers out there, so this one’s for the fellas. It’s funny, provocative, and informing, even the ladies might find it interesting.

Tumblr. is probably the most popular blogsite for the hipsters and indie people and it’s the best for uploading photos. While most Tumblr users are probably youths or uni students uploading hilarious gifs. and cool filtered photos, it is still entertaining to look at the photos and gifs that have been uploaded. Some often mock Tumblr users, particularly the “Tumblr Hipsters” and “Tumblr Sluts” and some blogs have even been dedicated to mocking such groups of people. If you’re mostly interested in sharing photos with people, and not necessarily interested in writing, then Tumblr is the blogging platform for you. I’ve also included a small list of funny/ interesting Tumblrs below:

1. Whatshouldwecallme: A uni student who creates/ finds gifs. they find relevant to their lifestyle.
2. Whatshouldbetchescallme: Pretty much the exact same.
3. Serene: Some images that reflect the tastes of uni student and aspiring journo Sarah Rohweder.
4. Cute Boys with Cats (CBWC): The name of the Tumblr says it all. This is my personal favourite.

Blogger is a platform run by Google. You have to have a Gmail account to access Blogger, and it’s usually only used by people who have never used a blog before and want to know the basics. It’s fairly similar to WordPress, but there are less template options and it is slightly harder to add videos to your page. It’s used by the older generations, particularly by mothers who write from home about good parenting strategies, gift ideas, and even philosophy. If you’re trying to attract an older, more serious crowd, Blogger is the one to use. Here are some Blogger pages of note:

1. E, Myself, and I: A generic Blogger page, encompasses everything I mentioned above.
2. Momastery: Again, for stay at home mums – probably.
3. Philosophical Comment: If you want a philisophical viewpoint on life, follow the link.

I think that wraps everything up for now. Hopefully this has inspired you to write your own blog, and choose the appropriate blogging platform for your intended purpose, just in time for Christmas and the New Year!

Until next week, happy blogging, safe travels, and don’t forget to set up that Christmas tree on Saturday!!

– Annbelle.

Happy tree hunting!


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