A new year, new subjects (goat edition).

This is only (sadly) my first post for 2013! So much has already happened, and I am loving every single aspect of it so far. This week uni has started, so I thought I would snap out of my holiday slumber and get down to business. Formalities first: I hope your Christmas was jolly and merry. I hope your New Years Eve was more eventful than mine, and that your NY’s resolutions haven’t already fizzled! I didn’t set a resolution for myself because I don’t like to be set up for failure – it’s disappointing and nobody likes failure.

There is so much I’ve thought about writing my next blog about; but for now I think I should stick to two posts a week – one for a personal, inspiring, reflective rambling, and the second as part of my assessment for my 3rd year subject COMU3005: Issues in Cultural Studies. Now, don’t judge a course by its name! From what I’ve seen and heard in the first lecture, it is actually going to be really interesting. Part of my assessment is to write a weekly blog post about the readings. Don’t worry, you will be able to tell which one of the posts are the boring ones about readings because I’ll title them something like “Week 1, reading 1.”

Basically, this post is just to touch base to let you all know that I haven’t dropped off the face of the planet just yet! My next post will undoubtedly be about the readings for COMU3005. Until then though, I thought I would leave you with some of these ridiculous “goat editions” that have been sweeping the globe of late. Let me know what you think; does the goat make the song better? Or worse?

Usher “Scream”

Justin Bieber “Baby”

And the classic Whitney Houston “I will always love you”

I highly recommend you check out “goat edition” on YouTube and see what you can find!

– Annabelle.


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