COMU3005 – post 3: Are you on for online dating?

When looking at a dating website such as eHarmony, it is clear that the element of identity from the circuit of culture is evident through the way people present themselves and the way they design their profiles. As Lucas Hildebrand suggests, dating websites use interfaces of self-representation and algorithms to match compatible partners. He notes that self-representation can either make or break a virtual relationship, where people don’t just judge one another on the way they look in their picture, but also how they write sentences, and their grammar and punctuation. I can see that design and identity are articulating within the circuit of culture model through how people represent themselves, which then creates an identity for them online. They produce their dating profiles for people to consume and decide whether or not they want to chat to them. This is how regulation is involved: new profiles are flagged on the homepage, as are recently updated ones, users can accept or reject invitations to chat, and constant reminders and messages are sent to the users about their profiles.


– Annabelle Amos


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