COMU3005 week 4: Private Schools and Regulation

Rules and regulations are a normal part of Western culture, and they are needed to keep order and patrons safe. That is why some people become particularly concerned when something like wikileaks pops up: there’s the potential to cause war, among other things. Regulation governs the deeper social meanings of cultural contexts (products, space, or practice) in schools, for example. Every school in Australia regulates student behavior, from plagiarism to bullying and classroom rules. Without this regulation, our schools would be ballistic, with children acting out against their teachers and peers. If a student hit another student on the playground, the school would punish the student in a way they deem fair for the action. Regulation of school children governs the deeper social meaning of the school: the more prestigious the school, the tougher the regulation rules and their consequences.

– Annabelle Amos


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