COMU3005: Week 7 – Twilight non-fans

If you haven’t seen the film Twilight, then you’ve definitely heard of it. And even if you haven’t heard of Twilight, surely you’ve heard of those Twi-hard fans. Twilight started off as a fun, romance novel for women. I’m not talking 50 Shades here – just a bit of forbidden love between a vampire and a human and how it could never work. For whatever reason, the novel by Stephanie Meyer was turned into a movie, with preceding movies New Moon, Eclipse and Breaking Down (part 1 & 2). Naturally, it is part of our culture to not have a total takeover fan-base. Instead there are Twilight mockers, that make parodies about the movie series where people have created YouTube videos like “Worst Twilight Lip Reading” and other various things. These Twilight non-fans contribute to the cultural understandings of the films. One can’t help but think that the Twilight franchise should give credit where credit is due with their anti-fan base. I myself am a Twi-hard who loves everything Twilight related, but it brings me great joy to see anti-fan videos that are genuinely funny, and I can’t help but like Twilight more. My perception on the films has shifted. Take a look at this link and you’ll understand why.


–        Annabelle Amos 


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