Our television culture is so focused on reality TV, in particular cooking shows. Australians love watching people compete in things, so that’s when mass media starting producing shows like Masterchef, MKR and now Great Australian Bakeoff. I’ll admit straight up that I don’t watch these shows because whenever I watch something with good looking food in it, I just want to eat it – and I know it’s not physically possible for me to make that sort of stuff, so I think about going out to a restaurant for dinner. The way I see it, mass media has an incredible influence on dining out. Anyone who watches Masterchef thinks they’re a food connoisseur just because they’ve seen Matt Preston looking at how a steak is cooked. Consumers want to eat at a restaurant they find appealing because Masterchef and the like have made it seem like a cultural practice for the culturally diverse. Heck, I’ll agree with that!

On a side note, and not entirely relevant: watch this next season of Masterchef and keep your eye out for the ‘cattle rancher’ Lynton. He’s gonna be cookin’ up a storm!


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