Week Ten: Drag Queens and Australian Popular Culture

In my experience, drag isn’t explicitly prevalent in Australian pop culture. However, in saying this, depending on where you go it is quite visible. When going into certain clubs and venues (particularly in city areas), there is a high visibility of drag, mostly because the surroundings in which they’re present are seen to be as acceptable to be wearing drag (i.e. gay clubs and performances). When in these situations, where there is drag, there is a higher visibility of queer subjectivities and therefore validity of such people. The television series I Will Survive was a controversial television show for a lot of country people because it was trying to extend Australia’s perception of drag, and ultimately queers, beyond the boundaries of city living. Country folk are typically rugged and ‘straight’ so seeing people like this coming into the country to perform for them was certainly confronting. Drag does to a small extent influence queer configurations of the Australian identity; however, in country areas, it is definitely not as prevalent.


– Annabelle Amos


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