“Free from the tyranny of hair”

I have a friend who is only 21 and already experiencing premature baldness. The purpose of this post is to make sure he doesn’t feel alone.

I also have a couple of friends in their early twenties that have been getting grey hair since high school.

I’m here to tell you that if you have problems with hair loss or grey hair, it’s ok and you’re not alone. There are currently 35 million men experiencing hair loss in the US, and 21 million women in the US!

If you are a man under the age of 35, it turns out that 40% of you are already experiencing noticeable hair loss.

And don’t get too down about it, because even though most people won’t admit it, 60% of people who are suffering from baldness would rather have more hair than money and friends! (Really?)

And as for those gems out there with grey hair, don’t worry – it’s only natural! And better yet, according to Clairol, grey hair isn’t actually grey at all. In fact, it’s clear! So when someone says you have grey hair, you can tell them it’s actually clear – not grey!!


Never fear, you’re doing better than a hairless cat!

I’d love some feedback on this post, and any suggestions for my next post would be greatly appreciated. And for those friends (you know who you are) that are experiencing premature hair problems, I hope this post has improved the quality of your life.

And next time you see someone who is bald, don’t be rude and say “hey, you’re bald”, but rather, say “you’re follicly challenged.”

– Annabelle


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