Having the best of both worlds… Is it possible?

Are you an average student?

I know that we’re told we’re only young once and to embrace every opportunity thrown at you, but how can you do that when you’re too busy actually being young and trying to take every opportunity thrown your way?

I’ve come across a problem that I can’t really figure out how to resolve, so some input would be great! As a budding journo/ PR practitioner, it’s hard for me to maintain a few jobs, study five subjects and still manage to do my “summer swimmer” gym regime while having a social life and trying to get work experience in the field of journalism and public relations.

This post is probably mostly related to students who study something that requires you to have a fair amount of work experience or prac work before commencing work in that profession. These are in areas such as eduction, finance, economics, health science, physio, occupational therapy, medicine, psychology …. need I say more? The list goes forever

I might sound like I’m complaining a bit too much, and whinging more than a seven year old boy who didn’t get his chocolate milk, BUT I’M SERIOUS! Many people I’ve spoken to from virtually every field have said that there is no way they would be able to complete practical work experience and earn money to pay their rent, power etcetera without giving up a social life, eating out, visiting friends and family and travelling. But I guess the whole point of work experience is to make your life easier when you graduate. Oh boy, it’s one great conundrum! “Do I go to my friend’s birthday party or do I work my usual job tonight to make up for the shifts I’ve been missing to attend my work experience?” Good question, because you’re only young once, but you still have to find a way to pay rent.

I think I’ve found a solution though, read further…

Split it. Say you work up to 20 hours a week at your normal work (where you get paid). You work for free 12 hours a week (that’s the work experience). You have to attend class at least 13 hours a week (we all know you don’t actually go to all of them, but you should!). So that’s a total of 43 hours a week where you’re actually doing things that are pretty much unavoidable. So if my calculations are correct, you should have 125 hours left to play with in the rest of your week. We are supposed to do a minimum of 30 minutes exercise a day. Now you’re down to 122.9 hours – this might be pushing it.

Now, you have to factor in study and assignments, as well as some sporting commitments you may have, and keeping up to date with friends and family (and for people who have a blog – you need to factor in another couple of hours a week just to take care of it).

Now, there isn’t a perfect science to it, but maybe prioritising is the best idea (ya think?!) So what’s the most important thing left on the list? I would order mine like this, but you could be different.

1. Study & Assignments

2. Friends & Family

3. Sport, pfft, what is that?

Now that you’ve prioritised, divy up your 122.9 hours between the three (or two in my case). So I would say that – actually what do I know? This guy seems to know more about it. Until next week, see ya!

– Annabelle

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