How To Beat Post-Weekend Blues

The beach is just one of the many exciting things to do on weekends.

The beach is just one of the many exciting things to do on weekends

Long weekends, we all love them. But what about the post-long-weekend-blues? That feeling you get when it’s Monday afternoon and you realise you haven’t got plans for dinner, tomorrow the alarm WILL wake you up, and reality strikes again. We fall back into a cycle; waking up at the same time, having the same breakfast, having the same conversations with your housemates, work colleagues, and classmates can really drag the week out. But I think I’ve captured the essence of each day perfectly, and it might help you take a new approach to your weekly routine. I’ve provided a brief overview of why I think each day is special and why we should enjoy these days.


If you’re a uni student who has an extended weekend, then you need-not bother reading this. Some people might think Monday is the easiest day because you’re refreshed after the weekend and ready to take on the week. Well, in my world, that’s completely WRONG! No normal person in their right mind would want to wake up on Monday and go to work, especially after a weekend of sleeping in, eating and drinking until their heart’s content, and watching TV shows all day long. Correct me if I’m wrong, but there’s a reason it’s called ‘Mad Monday’ – because it makes people mad! But, think of it like this: you’re about to start another week of detox and healthy routines. For some reason, we start eating fruit and veggies and probably sleep better during the night – and hopefully don’t wake up hungover. Another great thing about Monday is that it’s a chance to catch up with friends at work about what they did over the weekend, and compare how your weekend was better or worse than theirs.


I think Tuesday is worse than Monday, but I’m probably unique in this one because it’s my longest day. But for the rest of you lucky-ducks out there, Tuesday is one day closer to Friday. I’ll tell you one great thing about Tuesdays though, CHEAP TUESDAY. You get cheap pizza, cheap movie tickets, cheap DVD hire (if you still even do that), and virtually every pub has a ‘cheap Tuesday’ deal. I don’t really know why they call it cheap Tuesday because it’s not really an alliteration, but lets thank those bad boys for giving us something to look forward to on the worst day of the week! The guys at Meal Deals have some great suggestions for cheap restaurants and pubs to visit in Brisbane on Tuesdays.

Maybe climb a mountain like a couple of my friends did.

Maybe climb a mountain like a couple of my friends did.


Wednesday, or ‘hump day’ as most of us call it. We all know why it’s great: you’ve officially reached the middle of the week! It’s just two days until Friday now and you’re itching for the weekend to arrive. But wait, just relax and take it all in. Uberfacts has found that Wednesdays are the best day to ask for a pay rise at work – so be daring. For the women, apparently you look your oldest at 3:30pm on Wednesdays, so make sure you ask for that pay rise in the morning. Pay-day is usually on a Wednesday so that’s always something to look forward to also. Today is a great day to ride camels – it is their day of honour after all. And if you’re a a student in Brisbane, we all know the RE is a happening place on Wednesdays, so it’s all the more reason to enjoy a bevy – HAPPY HUMP DAY!


Let’s be honest, it’s called Thirsty-Thursday for a reason. All over Australia, Thursday is uni night and it’s where the youngsters get amongst the night-life for incredibly low prices. If you’re a devoted lover of Instagram or any other photographic form of social media, it’s “throw-back Thursday” or #tbt so get those baby photos out and post away – you have permission to post as many throw-back photos you want! It’s also late night shopping in the ‘burbs. Not only is Thursday great for students, but for all of the harding-working responsible people with real jobs, Thursday is the second last day of the working week. There’s just one sleep until Friday, and just one more day to wake up to the dreaded alarm clock. If you have children, Thursdays are the last day of the week for homework too – so that means only one more afternoon of actually worrying about what time they go to bed, one more afternoon of caring what they eat, one more afternoon of that dreaded 10-minutes-of-reading-each-day rule. You can finally say to yourself “just one more…”


The day everyone has been waiting for since Monday. Last day of the week, and I really don’t need to explain why it’s the best day. But I’m going to.

Friday is the last day for you to hangout with your co-workers (for some that might be a drag), it’s the last day to see your uni pals, last day to wake up early, and for most of us, Friday nights are the best nights to cook – because you don’t even care anymore. Cook what you want (or don’t even cook) – pizza, noodles, toast, takeaway. You can reward yourself at dinner time on Friday because you’ve worked oh-so-hard during the week and now it’s time to unwind, or maybe windup for the weekend ahead if you have great plans. Even when you say the word ‘Friday’ you feel excited, buzzed, and possibly relaxed. Your shoulders noticeably relax and those frown lines disappear.


Why wouldn’t you love Saturday? Wake up whenever you want, do what you want, go out, recover from Friday night. Saaaaatuuuuurrrrdaaaayy, mmm. I like it a lot. If you’re bored on a Saturday, it’s getting nice and sunny and hot so it would be a great idea to hit the beach, or the dam for the country fellas. Maybe eat out at a nice restaurant, climb a mountain, watch some sport, play some lawn bowls, bochie/ bolles, ping pong, beer pong, ANYTHING YOU WANT.

Unless, you’re extremely unfortunate enough to be working in the hospitality industry. That must suck. A word of advice: get out if you can. You’ll never look back, I promise.

This Sunday, some pals and I headed down to Noosa so watch a friend win her grand final at the International Sevens comp. We also went to the beach. Just some examples of what you can do on your weekend off.

This Sunday, some pals and I headed down to Noosa to watch a friend win her grand final at the International Sevens comp. We also went to the beach. Just some examples of what you can do on your weekend off.


For the most part, you enjoy Sunday. But it’s the day of lasts until next weekend so enjoy it while you still can. Between 3-4pm on Sunday you’ll start to feel sad and the Sunday-blues will most definitely set in. But never fear, just return to this blog to get a quick reminder of what there is to look forward to on the boring days during the week.

And if that won’t get you through, this song definitely will.

Until next time, have a great week!

– Annabelle


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