Embracing Holiday Boredom

holiday boredomWe’ve reached the end of exams and now the holidays have begun. Most of you will have a Christmas holiday job and are excited to save some money. But with holidays comes boredom and shock as a result of having nothing to do at night time. This week I’m going to give you some tips on how to take a chill-pill and embrace the boredom.

At first, you think “oh wow, all this spare time will be great, I’ll catch up on all of Hart of Dixie and finish reading The Hunger Games before I watch the next movie,” but after watching all the episodes of Dixie and every other American television show that’s too good for normal Australian TV, you find yourself spending a little too much time on your computer and staying up later than you anticipate, all turning into a mundane routine.

For those who have a job during the day, you’re probably finding yourself watching a lot more television at night and staying up just as late as you would on a uni night, despite wanting to go to bed earlier because you want to be fresh and revitalised to start the working day.

The weekend finally rolls around and somehow you’ve managed to double-book your Saturday night because you thought that while uni wasn’t on you have all this spare time – but you don’t really because you’re working during the week and the only time you really have spare is on weekends. Don’t worry, I know the feeling.

My solution to all this madness is simple though. Have a routine like you would while uni is on. When you get home from work, only agree to watch television to a certain time, only designate a certain amount of time on Facebook before you shower, and set aside some time in the morning to get up and do what you want – whether that’s going to the gym, reading the paper or watching the news, make sure you get up that little bit earlier to make your day all the more worthwhile. The best part about getting up earlier is that when uni rolls around again, you’re in the routine of waking up earlier so you can do some uni work before you start the day!

In the end though, I know you’re probably going to go back to watching past episodes of The OC or One Tree Hill because you’re up-to-date will Hart of Dixie and stay up until the early morning because that’s what your body clock is used to. That’s fine by me, as long as you aren’t bored because that was the purpose of my post this week.

If none of that works, just look up the search term “how to cure holiday boredom” on YouTube, people like this girl have some great advice.

– Annabelle


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