Intern Life Day 1: Gerard Baden-Clay

Yesterday was my first day on the job with Channel Ten Eyewitness News in Brisbane. My first day was not the usual first day one might expect. I thought I would be pounded with workplace inductions, procedures, OH&S etc. But, to my excitement, I went straight to the supreme court and rubbed shoulders with accused wife killer Gerard Baden-Clay for his pre-trial hearing. The day was a long day, I’ll admit – hearing from a medical examiner and barrister Michael Byrne was definitely a new experience I wouldn’t have got sitting at home. Having never been to court before, I didn’t know what to expect. The whole day was insightful and his actual trial is set for June so keep your eyes on that one. I didn’t get to go to court today for day two of the pre-trial, but I’ve been informed that relationship counselor Carmel Ritchie gave some statements in court today, so keep watching the news for more information.

Gerard Baden-Clay is accused of killing his wide Allison Bden-Clay in April 2012.  Source:

Gerard Baden-Clay is accused of killing his wide Allison Baden-Clay in April 2012.

I’ve done some exciting stuff with Lord Mayor Graham Quirk today and I’m looking forward to sharing my video package with you tomorrow. For now, follow me on Twitter (@annabelleamos) to keep up with what’s happening throughout the day, as I will try and Tweet some breaking news stories. And maybe tomorrow I’ll also post some photos of what I’ve been doing during the day.

– Annabelle


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