Intern Life Day 3: Pigs & Quade Cooper

It was Wednesday – hump day – and I was starting to get the feel of things a little better. The day started out like any other, went to the magistrates court about a pig and a man at the Gabba as well as the Luke Perrett glassing. The pig man didn’t show and we only got a little bit of footage of Perrett’s accused glasser Joseph Tornatore leaving the courthouse. The afternoon was fairly steady – I recorded my script and did some more blogging for my assessment. The Chief of Staff asked me if I wanted to do a job for sports journo Rob Hazel and I gladly accepted.

Quade Cooper at Rookies2Reds out at Churchie on Tuesday. Source: Reds Facebook page

Quade Cooper at Rookies2Reds out at Churchie on Tuesday. Source: Reds Facebook page

Little did I realize, I was being sent to a press conference with Quade Cooper all by myself. I was told what questions needed to be asked and I accepted the challenge of “sink or swim” as the Chief of Staff put it. I’d like to think I didn’t sink, as I managed to ask half the questions I was given. The presser was a real eye opener for me because I thought there would be an appropriate time for journos to ask questions. I was very wrong. I quickly learned that it wasn’t about waiting your turn, but rather a process of butting-in when there was a moment of silence. This was a great experience for me and I’m so glad I was given the opportunity to tackle this on my own. While it may have only been quite a small job, the opportunity for me to go to something on my own meant a lot because it meant that staff trusted me and thought I could do something without assistance.

I’m still in the process of getting some of my work produced, but stay tuned for more details.

– Annabelle


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