Week Two – Intern Life

I haven’t had the opportunity to sit down and write about my last week interning yet. So here it is….

Day One – Schapelle Day

Today was more rolling coverage of Schapelle Corby. Considering it was a Monday, it was still a really slow news day and nothing exciting really happened. There was an explosion at stones corner in the afternoon so we attended that and interviewed a couple of people.

Schapelle Corby signing her parole papers, hiding under a scarf and hat. Source: SMH

Schapelle Corby signing her parole papers, hiding under a scarf and hat. Source: SMH

Day Two – Toasted TV & Paul Pisasale

I started my morning with sitting in on filming for the children’s program Toasted TV. One of the cameramen I had been out with earlier in the week was filming for it and asked if I would be interested in sitting in on it. I gladly accepted, taking any opportunity to learn new things. I gained great insights into the process involved in making children’s television. After this, I went with one of the journos out to Ipswich where Mayor Paul Pisasale and racing legend Mick Doohan were warming up for the inaugural go-kart show. I wrote a little script for this one as well, to refine my script writing skills.

Day Three – Daniel Morcombe Trial

Today was a particularly interesting day, despite being in the media room at the Supreme court all day. It was day three of the Daniel Morcombe trial for Brett Peter Cowan. We heard from a number of witnesses and even saw photos of his bones. After going to the Baden-Clay pre-trial on the first day of my internship, I thought I would have been prepared for what I was about to encounter. As it turns out, a pre-trial is slightly different to a trial in that evidence was laid out for everyone to see on their computer screens, there was a jury, a packed out courtroom and a whole stream of witnesses (over 150) due to take the stand. At the end of the day, the journalist did a live cross back to the studio where she gave details about what we heard in court. Overall, it was a particularly interesting day.

Day Four – Editing and the Zebedee

Day four of week two was an opportunity for me to edit some of my stories. After I did an edit, I went to Police Headquarters with one of the journos for a press conference about the Zebedee. The Zebedee is a new device that police will now use to map out a 3D image of a crime scene. The reason the device was named the Zebedee was because it resembles a cartoon character named Zebedee from the BBC cartoon, The Magic Roundabout.

The cartoon character, Zebedee

The cartoon character, Zebedee

Day Five – The Last Post

It was my final day at Channel 10, thinking it would be a pretty easy day, following a journo around and maybe sitting in on a couple of edits. But boy, was I wrong?! I ended up going out to the RAAF Base for a Welcome Home Parade for returning Airforce Personnel. Because all the other journos were busy, I was sent out to the RAAF base on my own with a cameraman to grab some footage for the bulletin that night. It was by far the most rewarding experience and being sent out on my own gave me a lot of confidence.

At the end of the day, I went out with one of the sports journos to Ballymore for another presser with James Horwill before heading back to the office for the last time.

Overall, my experience with Channel 10 has only further concreted my desire to work in television journalism, and I look forward to any other opportunities that may be presented to me in the near future within the television industry.

– Annabelle Amos


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